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Custom Covers present CQ Therm product at DVD2010 at Millbrook

Custom Covers continue to win plaudits for their CQ Therm insulated linings. This product developed by Custom Covers to meet NATO specification field requirements has proved a hit in both military and commercial circles.

This interest is justified by the products ability to generate fuel savings of upto 40%.

CQ Therm is a multi layered material using a combination of heat reflective layers and spacing wadding. It is sewn to size to match the fixing requirements of each structure. The product works though the thermal resistance of its wadding and the low emissivity of its surface. The combination of these gives an increased thermal resistance of

R = 0.46 m2.k/w for a standard 10mm thickness.

Fuel usage calculations for a 6m x 9m structure show that for an 18 degree temperature difference (e.g. zero degrees up to 18 degrees), a saving of 1lt/hour would be achievable with a tent lined with CQ Therm.

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