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It's a long way to Tipperary

Salesman, Paul Foster, from award winning company Custom Covers, found himself going rather more than that extra mile when he delivered an order to Ireland.
When he left the firm's Southampton base, he had been expecting to simply deliver the decorative marquee linings to the Fishguard  Rosslare ferry, for Tipperary customer Pat O'Donovan to pick up on the other side of the Irish sea. Unfortunately, heavy traffic on the M4 prevented Paul from getting to the ferry, so he decided to go the extra mile, board the next ferry and drive all the way to Tipperery to make absolutely certain the order arrived on time.
Director, Robert Sanders said: "Our business is event-driven so if someone wants decorative linings for their marquee, you can't let them down. We have 21 years of experience of going that extra mile and Paul typifies the service we strive to deliver."

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