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Coverspan Spotlight: Tensile Traditional Marquee

Coverspan Spotlight: Tensile Traditional Marquee


In the third edition of our ongoing series looking at Custom Covers products we are focusing on the newest member of our Coverspan range, the Tensile Traditional, our take on the traditional pole tent. Unlike anything else in our Coverspan tent range, the tensile traditional uses aluminium poles and ratchet straps to create a defined scalloped silhouette. Perfect for creating a spectacle no matter the occasion. 

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Available on its own or as a conversion kit, letting you use your existing coverspan walls, legs, curtain rails and ground rails. The tensile traditional comes in a standard size of 12m x 18m with options to extend length in 6m increments. Prices can be seen below.

Product Price
Complete 12m x 18m Tensile Traditional £12800 + VAT
Conversion Kit 12m x 18m Tensile Traditional £9100 + VAT
For Starter and Extension Bay Prices Prices call us: 02380 335744
Orders subject to a 6 week lead time

All Coverspan marquees and add-ons have been designed to work and fit together: when you buy the basic structure you are buying into a versatile system which helps you build a thriving business, with add-ons and extensions which differentiate your product range from the crowd.

DSC6312    Marlin-Marquees-Traditional-Marquee---237

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