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Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

At Custom Covers we have a large range of decorative lining styles in stock for both hire and purchase, ensuring your venue is dressed to impress. 


Pictured L-R: Pleated Linings, Flat Linings & Starlight Linings

Our core selection of interior linings includes clean and modern flat linings,
traditional pleated linings and eye-catching starlight linings.

To learn more about what our Linings can bring to your event call us on 02380 335744
or browse our online range.

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Pictured above: Flat Roof Linings

Our linings are modular, like our structures, meaning you can mix and match colours
and styles as you see fit.

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Pictured above: Pleated Lining Roof and Gables

All of our decorative linings are manufactured from high-quality CQ Supreme or
CQ Star cloth, available in a large range of colours to suit any event.

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Pictured above: Starlight Linings Roofs

We have linings to fit both 3m and 5m bay marquees, and we manufacture bespoke
linings to help transform venues from sports halls to barns.

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Find out what Custom Covers Linings can bring to your event by calling us on 02380 335744
or visit our online shop

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