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Marquee Design Steals the Show

 The Showman's Show, a U.K.-based exhibition of products, services and entertainment for the outdoor and special event world, awards innovative ideas.


Arial Photo of Showman Show stand 2011

9m TriCone interior a

Custom Covers fit a large event marquee in a small space, showing off the company's award-winning versatile modular products and open, light-filled spaces at the 2011 Showman's Show.

Tricone Interior 

In October 2011, Custom Covers Ltd., Southampton, England, introduced a new marquee design, the Cruciform, which can be connected to its other framed structures to create the right configuration for customers' events. The design won second place in the Show's "exhibition stands of 30 meters frontage and above" because of its welcoming ambiance, creative use of space and integration of an Olympic theme—a perfect combo for events celebrating the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

The Cruciform enables customers to join two Custom Covers structures at a 90-degree angle, while maintaining full ground-to-ridge clearance. The entire exhibit also featured the company's Tricone (a three-lobed structure), Romsey pagoda and curved roof structure. Framing consists of aluminum keder tracks and hot-dipped, galvanized steel side and roof beams. PVC marquee covers lock into the keder for a snug fit. For show shoppers with Olympic events in mind, Custom Covers also introduced three new CQ Satin marquee lining colors: gold, silver and bronze.


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