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Tack-Off Linings


"Tack Off " is the name in the marquee and events industry given to a one time high specification linings finish. The product is a labour intensive highly skilled finish to any marquee or structure which results in a high impact, superior quality corporate look.

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Tack off linings are the most versatile linings finish available at Custom Covers. This provides the following benefits:

1. Bespoke finish enables any feature to be tastefully draped



2. Tack off can be used in any space internal or external and doesn't necessarily have to be on a large scale: the following example shows what can be done with a 6m x 6m garage converted this Christmas into a "night club"

Garage BeforeGarage before

Garage Aftergarage after 2

Garage Aftergarage after tack off

3. Clean lines synonymous with modern style

DSC 9164

4. Provides the look of a permanent finish with draping

tackoff linings party

5. Gives the ability to provide creative and clean finishes

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Custom Covers has an unrivalled track record of delivering high quality tack off to the event industry.

Trusted by Arena Structures the largest temporary structures supplier in England and the organisers of the premiere sporting events in the UK including Wimbledon, Goodwood and the Aegon tennis meeting at Queens Club. We specialise in working to tight deadlines, and we have the manpower, the resources and the experience to get the job done and to deliver a high class finish that you require.

This traditional Hampshire based skill and its attendant highly skilled pool of labourers gives Southampton based Custom Covers the ability to achieve what is required by your customer.


If you need any more information regarding your tack-off needs, please get in touch with our sales team

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