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Covering HMS Queen Elizabeth the Navy's new aircraft carrier


 When Southampton based cover maker Custom Covers got the call to cover an aircraft carrier little did they know they would be making a vast cover to protect part of HMS Queen Elizabeth the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier. The Navy's new ship will be assembled in Scotland after parts of the carrier are transported from Portsmouth and needed a cover to protect the open ended segments of the vessel from the elements during the 500 mile trip to Rosyth in Scotland. Everything about the HMS Queen Elizabeth is on a huge scale and that includes the Southampton manufactured cover whose dimensions are

Carrier leaving Portsmouth1

42m x 15m and when finished weighed in at 400kg. Part of the new £3 billion aircraft carrier with her Southampton made cover dwarfed everything around her as she took to the seas on Monday 30th April. “We started life as port based cover maker and we all get excited about a project that incorporates our traditional skills” said MD Robert Sanders. “We like to think we can cover anything but it’s not every day we get asked to cover a warship!”

Carrier leaving Portsmouth 2
End Civer Sheet Finished Cover
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