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PVC Cones


Our experience and our bespoke modelling software enable us to pattern PVC cones, peaks, pagodas, chinese hats and monty's. It is important when making this type of tensioned cover that you make sure that the loads are evenly spread across all the thread lines  and that you have an understanding of the limitations of cutting across the bias ie being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the cloth you are using. Our software enables us to compensate and if necessary decompensate for stretching at the perimeter and the manipulation (of concentric bands and radial longitude) of radial and circumferential bias intrinsic in the design of these shapes.

Mar-key Marquees Ltd Andy Goldy12.5m Double Cone

6m cone6m Cone

CQ Tri ConeTri-Cone

Mar-key Marquees Andy Goldie DSC 0137A Group Shot of 11 Cones

Double 12m Cone with Bell End12m Double Cone with Bell Extension

6m chinese hatChinese Hat

9m cone and 6m cone6m Clear Cone with Double 9m Cone

Hambledon EntranceHambledon Entrance

6m CQ Cone in clear PVC6m Clear Cone