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Technical Specifications


PVC Fire Ratings

  • Mehler 8212 650 Grm PVC: Fire rating to BS-EN: 7837 
  • Clear 0.5mm PVC: Fire rating to BS-EN 7837

Glamping Fish Plate KnuckleFish Plated Eave Knuckle

Roof Beam with InsertsSpecial Roof Beam with Insert

Our Glamping tents are designed around a hidden 4-channel aluminium Marquee Frame with a specially designed fish plate knuckle that has been structurally calculated to meet wind loading's of 62Mph

Bottom Fixing - Side PoleDecorative Timber Pole - Bottom Fixing

Decorative Glamping PoleDecorative Glamping Side Pole

Side Pole - Top Fixing
Decorative Timber Pole - Top Fixing