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Linings Glossary


Flame Retardancy
A measure of a material’s ability to resist the propagation of combustion. Tested against International Standards.
Gable Triangles
Triangular top section of Gable wall that attaches to the Roof Beam along the Keder track. A tent set comprises enough fabric to cover two ends.
Hip ends
End panel option where Roof panel leads from Eave to the central end point of the Ridge.

Lamp Loom
Secondary cable in Starlight lining to which the LEDs are attached. Connects to the Master Loom.
Light Emitting Diode use in starlight roofs.
Lining Clamp
Device securable in Kader track for attaching lining wires.
Lifting Pole
Pole used to hoist roof linings.
Master Loom
Main low voltage cable in Starlight lining.
Starlight Lining
Decorative lining with inlaid Pea Bulbs, LEDs, or Optic Fibres giving starlight effect.
Decorative linings covering gap between the bottom of the roof lining and the top of the wall lining. Can be swagged or pleated.
Webbing Strap
Strong, narrow, closely woven tape designed for bearing weight/tension.