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Marquee Glossary of Terms


Bar Tension System
Tensions Roofs and Gables using a Bar through a pocket in the edge of the fabric. It is tensioned by Ratchet Straps or by Push Down Tensioner.

Base Plate
The primary function of the plate is to attach the marquee to the ground and is also used as a pivot point to rotate A Frames into their vertical positions. They are also known as Foot Plates.

Bottle screw
Wire tensioning device using two-handed screw threads.

Bungee flange
PVC section, welded to roof with length of bungee used to secure the roof section onto the Eave Rail.

Bungee Tension System
Tensions roofs using elasticated bungee cord hooked to Eave Rail.

Angled steel plate with a Ground Rail fixing pin, used at each corner to enable Gable Ground Rail attachment.

Curtain Rail
Support rail for the top section of the PVC wall.

Dropnose Pin
Connecting pin with an over centre locking device.

Dutch Lacing
Loops of rope laced through eyelets in marquee fabric sections to attach them together.

Lower edge of the marquee roof.

Eave Knuckle
Structural element joining Roof Beam and Leg.

Eave Rail/Purlin
Section forming Eave of structure. Two types of Eave Rail are available:

Bar Tension – used with Bar Tension System
Symmetrical – used with Bungee Tension System

Flame Retardancy
A measure of a material’s ability to resist the propagation of combustion. Tested against International Standards

End wall of a marquee.

Gable Triangles
Triangular top section of Gable wall that attaches to the Roof Beam along the Kader track. A tent set comprises enough fabric to cover two ends.

Ground Rail
Horizontal bar that secures the bottom edge of wall sections.

Attachment system for fixing PVC to Aluminium extrusion using a PVC extrusion fitted within an Aluminium channel.

Keder track
Aluminium channel/track with slot to take Keder.

Keystone Section
Section used to extend Roof Beams, increasing a 12m marquee to 15m.

Portal Beam
An alternative to a scissor brace used when a window or door is required in a bracing bay.

A longitudinal member in the roof of a structure used to stabilise the Roof Beam.

Purlin Prop
Device used to lift Purlin sections overhead.

Push Down Tensioner
Device fitted to Eave of marquee generating tension by screwing down onto Bar Tension Bar.

Securing clip for pins.

Ratchet Strap
Device used in Bar Tension System. Fixes between tension bar and hole in leg.

The line defining the longitudinal axis of the marquee roof. This line runs along the centre locations at the highest point on the marquee roof.

Ridge Knuckle
Structural element joining two Roof Beams at the Ridge.

Roof Beams
Structural element supporting Ridge to which roof fabric is attached.

Roof Wire
Part of bracing equipment allowing the marquee to stand upright and resist Gable end forces

Spacing bar
Fixed length bar used as aid to setting out structure.

A steel shaft driven into the ground as marquee anchoring device.

Stake Puller
Devise for removing stakes from ground.

Top Hat
Section attached to Roof Beam to allow Purlins to be attached.