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Case Studies


Custom Covers Pagodas Surround Wembley

13th Nov 2018

Imagination Container Structure

Imagination Europe approached Custom Covers for a bespoke container canopy. The brief was to develop and produce a portable structure that could be easily dismantled and stored away within the container during transport.

Grand Tour Studio Tent

We were approached by Chump Productions to produce a studio tent for their upcoming Amazon Prime Video series The Grand Tour. The main goal was to produce a portable studio structure capable of supporting cars and an internal lighting rig, whilst also being able to be transported around the world during the filming of the series.

Bath Rugby Grand Stand

We worked closely with Arena Seating to produce a temporary Grand Stand structure for Bath Rugby club.

Caterpillar cover

Custom Covers worked with a long-time Customer to fabricate covers for a school walkway. The innovative design mimicked a large caterpillar crossing between two classrooms

Bespoke Stage Awning

Custom Covers assisted a Theme park to rejuvenate an old redundant stage

Airbus Wing Cover

Custom Covers worked alongside Airbus In The UK Ltd to produce a durable wing cover

Pop-up bar for Wetherspoons

Custom Covers worked alongside Wetherspoons to manufacture the perfect bespoke pop-up bar from a disused shipping container.

Royal Navy Frigate Awnings

The Royal Navy approached Custom Covers to provide assistance in updating the ceremonial awnings.

Recovering Portsmouth Tennis Center

The PVC cover of the Indoor tennis courts in Portsmouth is an excellent example of the durability and permanence.