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What is Coverspan?


All Custom Covers structures are built under the Coverspan Plus trademark. All Coverspan Structures are manufactured from high quality 4-channel aluminium extrusions with galvanised steel connections and attachments. This provides more strength and a longer service life for your structure.

The aluminium Coverspan extrusions for 3m/6m/9m marquees have a profile of 94mm x 48mm, with the larger span structures (12m/15m) having a frame profile of 114mm x 80mm.

Frame Extrusion Profiles for 3/6/9 and 12m

94mm x 48mm Extrusion and 114mm x 80mm Extrusion


What is 4-Channel?

4-Channel refers to the four keder tracks on the frame, one on each corner of the extrusion beam.
See the benefits of the 4-channel frame system below:

  • One size of wall fits all: For PVC walling you only need one type of wall not two wall types.
  • It is easy to fit an internal division in the marquee.
  • It is modular and customisable.
  • You can use the internal channels to fit any keder edged linings system.




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