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PVC Glossary


Dutch Lacing
Loops of rope laced through eyelets in marquee fabric sections to attach them together.

Flame Retardancy
A measure of a material’s ability to resist the propagation of combustion. Tested against International Standards.

End wall of a marquee.

Gable Triangles
Triangular top section of Gable wall that attaches to the Roof Beam along the Kader track. A tent set comprises enough fabric to cover two ends.

Attachment system for fixing PVC to Aluminium extrusion using a PVC extrusion fitted within an Aluminium channel.

Polyvinyl Chloride, The standard fabric material used to construct tents, shelters, canopies, and structures.

Ratchet Strap
Device used in Bar Tension System. Fixes between tension bar and hole in leg.

Webbing Strap
Strong, narrow, closely woven tape designed for bearing weight/tension.