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Pool Shade Cover

Pool Cover


To provide a shaded area adjacent to the clients swimming pool. The cover needed to survive UK summer weather on an exposed site.


A Site visit was carried out to determine sizes, discuss available fixings and sort out the operating requirements.


It was agreed that a symmetrical tensile roof shade was appropriate. The shape was developed in house and the specification for fabric and support posts determined.

A striped 400gsm acrylic material was selected to give good ascetics, UV stability and a light weight. The posts were set up to be free standing allowing the cover to be pulled into position with a series of marine pulleys.

Pool cover


Manufacture and Install

The panels of the cover were computer cut in house and then stitched and finished using polyester webbing to reinforce the load paths.

A detailed groundwork plan was prepared to allow the customer to use his own ground staff to prepare the required footings.


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