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Showmans Show 2009 Highlights

Custom Covers showcased a number of new items at the 2009 Showman's Show:


1. Cruciform Roof

Brand new on the Custom Covers' stand this year was the 9m Cruciform Roof. This allows hirers to join two 9m structures at 90 degrees without the use of gutters giving full ground to ridge clearance and a great interior space.

Cruciform under construction  
Cruciform frame Cruciform roof inside  


2. Tri cone roof

Also new to the show was the Tri Cone PVC roof . With one of these clear roofs three 9m marquees can be joined together so that customers can have dining, reception and dancing areas all under the same roof

Tri Cone inside 2  
tri cone frame CQ Tri Cone  

3.Port hole walls and bunting swags

Custom Covers continued their practice of showcasing emerging talent by incorporating the designs of Southampton Solent University's Interior Design Course. The winning entry from Leisha Norman and Ashleigh Georgiou inspired a nautical themed area in keeping with Custom Covers' nautical heritage. The porthole walls were also successful commercially selling a number of units at the show.

Port hole wall  

4. CQ Therm Insulated linings

New to the show are CQ Therm insulated linings: a temporary insulation product which satisfies NATO field requirements and in the right conditions can save 40% of your heating and or air conditioning diesel bill in a temporary structure. For more information Click Here

Barrel thumb  

5 Flat canvas tensioned lining roofs

One piece flat lining roofs manufactured in IFR CQ canvass with no seams and which which use the inside keder track for installation

CQ Canvas roofs 2  

6 New vestibule door entrance

An innovative addition to the existing door and entrance options.

vestibule entrance