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Showmans Show 2010 Highlights

Custom Covers showcased a number of new items at the 2010 Showman's Show:


1. Curved Roof Beam

Custom Covers launched its stunning curved roof beam.The curved beam (curved from 94 x 48 four channel profile) will work as a 3m Walkway and with inserts will allow a 3m structure to be extended to a 6m, a 6m to a 9m and a 9m to a 12m whilst using existing frame components.

Curve Roof Beam

Curved roof schematic The highlighted elements show the extra components you need to purchase including curved roof beams to complete the 9m to 12m curved roof structure.

2. 3m Romsey Pagoda:

This year we are launching an additional 3m Pagoda (the Romsey): this pagoda will work with existing stock 9m frame marquee legs and PVC walls and is hence a cost effective way to add pagodas to your armoury whithout too much additional expense. In the schematic here you can see the additional items needed if you buy the pagoda coversion kit.

3m Romsey pagoda thumbRomsey


The 3m Romsey pagoda works perfectly on its own or guttered together as a stunning entry featuure. The push up system uses a clip system and wind up mechanism to create the peaked roof

3. 3m Whiteley Pagoda:

Also this year we have launched the 3m Whiteley pagoda.The whiteley uses the same philosophy as the the Romsey in so far as it works with existing Custom Covers legs and PVC walls: therefore if you have existing kit you only need to buy the conversion pack. The difference is that the Whiteley does not have a clip system it uses a push up bar to lift the mushroom and the tension is created by four ratchets coming down to the base plates.

3m Whiteley pagodas thumbWhiteley



4. Tensile Roof Sails :

This year we experimented with tensile roof sails in various shapes and sizes.

Tensile Roof Sales

5. New colour for our edible colours range: mustard yellow

Also we launched a new colour to compliment our edible colours range: Mustard green seen here in this picture.

inga sempa ruched sofa in mustard yellowMustard yellow decorative touches thumb
          Mustard yellow inspiration              Mustard yellow realisation