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Showmans Show 2011 Highlights

Custom Covers showcased a number of new items at the 2011 Showman's Show:


1. 12m Cruciform Roof

Custom Covers launched its 12m Cruciform roof or T piece seen in stunning detail in the overhead  photo of this years  showman's show exhibit. To the right of the 12m Cruciform in the picture you can also see the 9m cruciform.

Arial Photo of Showman Show stand 2011

12m Cruciform structure The highlighted elements show the extra components you need to purchase  to complete the12m Cruciform roof structure.

2. 3m Romsey Pagoda:

This year we also featured the 3m Pagoda (the Romsey): this pagoda workswith existing stock 9m frame marquee legs and PVC walls and is  a cost effective way to add pagodas to your stock whithout too much additional expense. In the picture on the right you can see the additional items needed if you buy the pagoda coversion kit.

3m Romsey pagoda thumbRomsey

 3m Romsey Pagoda entrance 2011 a

The 3m Romsey pagoda works perfectly on its own or guttered together as a stunning entry featuure. The pagoda uses a clip system and wind up mechanism to create the peaked roof

3. 9m -12m curved roof system

Back by popular demand, the curved roof beam. The beam is a flexible addition to any hirers stock and is a cost effective way of delivering versatility as it works with existing Custom Covers components. The curved beam will work as a 3m walkway as seen on the right (with the addition of a 90 degree feature)and with inserts will allow a 3m structure to be extended to a 6m, a 6m to a 9m and a 9m to a 12m (see show exhibit below)  whilst using existing frame components.


Curved beam used as walkway woth 90 degree turn a



12m curve atrium entrance a

Curved roof schematic

4. Three exciting medal winning colours

This year as we head into 2012 we launched three brand new satin effect colours: Gold Silver & Bronze the first new colours in the Custom Covers CQ Satin colour range. 

9m TriCone interior a
Gold, silver & bronze linings surround the podium in the stunning clear Tricone roof

5. New classic lining lining style


This year we launched a new classic lining style to compliment our existing flat and pleated lining range. Classic style linings give an upholstered look not unlike a chesterfield sofa finish; these new exciting linings were shown this year exclusively for the first time.

Chesterfielf inspirationCQ classic lining walls a
          Classic lining inspiration              Classic lining realisation