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Showman's Show 2012 Highlights

Custom Covers showcased a number of new items at the 2012 Showman's Show:


1. 90 degree 9m radial end

Custom Covers launched its 90 degree 9m radial end seen in stunning detail in the overhead  photo of this years showman's show stand. Giving customers an inovative way to go round a corner or link two 9m tents: made with predominantly existing stock parts this is a very versatile bit of kit for a stand out marquee company

Arial shot Showmans Show 2012

9m radial with 3 9m cones and Romsey pagodas .9m radial interior a

2. 6m Hexagon:

This year we also launced the 6m Hexagon: this new design peak structure works with existing stock 6m frame marquee beams legs and PVC walls and is  a cost effective way to add a distinctive entrance or chill out area to your stock whithout too much additional expense. In the picture below you can see the additional items needed if you buy the hexagon coversion kit.



The 6m Hexagon works perfectly on its own or guttered together as a stunning entry feature as can be seen with the four Hexagon structures guttered together in the arial photo above.

3. 10m curved roof system

Back by popular demand, but in a slightly different guise is our new 10m tent. We have used our 3m curved roof beam with inserts. You achieve the 10 metres using one 3m curved beam two brand new inserts and two standard beams from a 6m tent. This assembly is a flexible addition to any hirers stock and is a cost effective way of delivering versatility as it works with existing Custom Covers components to give that extra roomy interior (a 10m tent as demonstrated takes three 6 foot round tables with ease.

10m curve structure



10m interior with CQ presiige

Curved roof schematic

4.CQ Prestige an exciting new lining cloth

This year  we are launching an exciting new lining cloth CQ Prestige. Seen here in the picture on the left and above. Its 1and half times the weight of 4oz and only 10% more expensive: a bargain.

clear 10m roofs with cones in background
CQ Prestige Lining roofs in the keder system