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Bar Tension Structures


What is a bar-tensioned marquee?
We sell two types of tyensioned PVC structure: the standard is a bugee tensioned marquee where the marquee roofs are tensioned using a bungee system. Bar tensioned roofs use a system of tension bars which slide into a bar tensioning pocket on the edge of the roof which are tensioned using a push-down unit system

How does it work?


For Bar tension tents the tension is achieved by passing a tension bar through the pocket at the end of the roof. Once the roof is pulled over install the bar tension bar and fix to the tensioning system. This may be by means of a webbing strap and ratchet or by a metal push down unit. Set one side of the roof to the approximate valance overlap desired and then tension the roof from the other side. See Appendix B for the various BT tensioning options


When bar tension walls are to be fitted no curtain rail is used. In this instance the top of the wall is designed to slide into the eave rail of the structure. The installation method is as above with the exception of the curtain rail.


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