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Antarctic Covers


South Pole pod brief

Custom Covers were asked to manufacture some temporary covers to protect the accomodation pods at the British Antarctic Survey's Brunt ice shelf base at the South Pole during their construction.
The Design Brief is pictured here
For obvious reasons, at the end of each short working period, the partially finished pods had to be protected from the Antarctic winter so special covers had to be designed to not only cover the partially built modules, but also be durable enough to withstand high wind, low temperatures and the weight of snow.
The challenge went to Custom Covers:"We didn't turn away from any challenge and aim to make covers for absolutely anything", says Custom Covers chief executive Robert Sanders "and this project proves it. We did a lot of research to come up with a fabric that was capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and a design that would be incredibly durable and prevent spindrift getting through the cover and into the team's equipment turning it to ice



Installation of one of the covers in Antarctica
This project has been written up in Contractors World magazine : http://www.cwmags.com/cw-1-8/basic/page12.php

Installation of Antarctic Cover  
5 south pole pods in a row  The completed covers in situ  
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