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Sub-Frame Flooring


Our steel sub-frame floor is designed to work with Custom Covers’ revolutionary aluminium floor extrusion. It has the flexibility to work with the whole range of structures from 3m wide to 15m width to create a level floor.

DSC 9112  Sub-Frame Flooring  

Main Uses

  • Sub frame flooring for whole range of Coverspan Structures
  • Only needs one size of floor board for whole range. 2950 x 500
  • Sub frame works with Custom Covers reversible floor profile
  • Allows sub frame to be levelled prior to floor laying


  SUBFRAME OVERVIEW (800x618)  SUBFRAME CROSS SECTION Floorboard extrusion sub frame and step over plate  SUBFRAME OUTER JOINT

 Longest Component    3.06m
 Floor Boards    Pressure treated impregnated larch pine
 Board Size    2.95m x 0.5m board
 Time to Install    up to 1 day* (9m x 21m marquee)
 Number of People for Install    4
 Weight    16kg per Floorboard
 Sub-Frame Floor Load Limit    400kg / m2

*depending on levelling of flooring ground