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Technical Note on use of Clear PVC

Clear PVC Panels enhance the use of any structure. However the Clear PVC used to give the visibility is not as strong as the white PVC fabric and so precautions are necessary to ensure a safe and durable structure is achieved.

Please be aware that the 0.5mm clear PVC has a tensile strength of approximately 75% of the white supported PVC. The clear PVC is not coated on to a woven polyester base cloth and so is prone to creep under load and temperature change. This means that when used on a long term basis clear roof panels will need regular checking to ensure tension is being maintained. The strength can also be increased by only having clear panels between the purlins and including chafe strips over each purlin.

For roof panels of 20m upwards we recommend using a thicker 0.75mm clear PVC as the strength is slightly higher.

If installing in cold weather it is necessary to ensure the clear panels are warm and supple before unfolding and fitting.

It is also vital to ensure that no ponding is able to start. Once the fabric has stretched it will not return to its original size.

The chemicals that provide uv stability and plasticisers that keep the fabric supple are not clear and so they are minimised in clear fabrics. This means that the lifespan of clear fabric will be shorter than other fabrics and will suffer the effects of uv degregration more rapidly.

It should also be noted that at a microscopic level PVC fabrics are not homogeneous surfaces. Thus water vapour can get in to the fabrics making them look foggy. Exposure to heat and light will drive this vapour off returning the windows to their normal clarity.

Care of clear panels will give longer service and it is recommended that they are always stored dry and are better rolled rather than folded.

12m clear gable end