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Whats New from Custom Covers at the Show?

At this year's Showman's show we showcased the following new projects:
1. CQ stretch zip finish linings
2.12m curved bell frame marquee radius end
3. Steel subframe flooring

CQ stretch zip finish linings

CQ Stretch linings (800x532)

CQ stretch zip finish linings give you the characteristics of tack
off linings but in reuseable form. 3 times the weight of normal pleated linings we use a bespoke stretch to give this elastain product a crease free high quality finish to wow your customers.
Made in 6m or 5m bays the products is zipped together with lifting poles at ridge and eave.


Detail of the gable zipped to the 6m double bay width.

CQ Stretch gable (800x532)

12m curved bell marquee radius end

12m Curved bell (800x534)


The Custom Covers 12m bell launced at this years show and gives an elegant radius end to the 12m curved frame adding an esthetic radius to our curved framework .


The bell uses a variety of standard frame components and is fully compatible with Coverspan frame. PVC
can be plain or fitted clear and is available as bungee or bar tension.


Steel subframe flooring

Floorboard extrusion and sub frame


Launched at this years show our steel sub-frame floor is designed to work with Custom Covers' inovative (design protected) aluminium floor extrusion. It has the the flexibility to work with the whole range of structures from 3m wide to 15m width to create a level floor.



Using a step over foot plate the sub frame complements our existing lay on the floor flooring system.

SUBFRAME CROSS SECTION Floorboard extrusion sub frame and step over plate
Steel sub frame (800x532) SUBFRAME OUTER JOINT
Steel sub frame fllor in stu at this years show Steel over foot plate schematic



Schematic overview of how steel sub frame floor fits together

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