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Custom Covers Spotlight: Lining Hire

Looking for Hire Linings for the upcoming 2023 season? 

Pleated Ivory Linings - Showman  Pleated White Linings

Do you need something for a last minute event? Look no further as we are holding more linings hire stock then ever before. 

Starlight Linings - Wings  Ivory Starlight Linings wall roof

Our hire stock include, Flat, Pleated, Starlight and Blackout lining that can be used on structures ranging from 3m to 30m wide and on both 3m and 5m bays. 

Hip end with Dividing Curtain  Pleated Ivory Pagoda Linings  9m Dividing Curtain

We offer modular linings, which allow you to mix and match colours and styles according to your preferences. This includes a range of roofs, gables, hip ends, walls and a variety of accessories such as Window Drapes and Swags. 

Flat White Linings - Great Out Doors  12m Flat roof linings gable and pelmet

The products we stock are of high quality and are well maintained for the needs of out hire customers. They are manufactured from a high-quality CQ supreme or CQ star cloth. 

Hire Lining Stock  Hire Lining Stock 1  Hire Lining Relocation 1

If you would like our 223 hire price list click here to request your copy alternatively you can email hire@customcovers.co.uk or call 2380 335 744 to speak to the hire representative for more information. 

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