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Is your PVC in need of a clean after another tough season? Custom Covers can take care of it, we will wash your PVC walls, gables and roofs from only 70p per sqm, ensuring you get the most life out of your PVC.

For more information on the service, call our sales team on 02380 335744 or check out our FAQ on the new service below.

Our Washing service is based at our Winchester hire depot, directions and more details as to how to get there can be found here.

Directions to Winchester hire depot


PVC Washing Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will Custom Covers wash for me?
PVC Roofs, Gables and Walls at 3m and 5m bays.
What washing services are you offering?
Initially, we will offer both a wet and dry wash, with the wash alone costing 70p per sqm and the wash and dry costing 80p per sqm (sqm calculated on a plan view: ie a 10m x 3m roof being 30sqm).
How can I get my PVC washed?
Call our sales team to place an order and then arrange shipment to our Winchester Depot. We can return dried goods as required. 
What standard of wash can Custom Covers provide?
Our wash will achieve a thorough PVC surface clean; we cannot remove internal discolouration of the cloth.
What if my PVC is damaged?
We will not wash damaged PVC, we can repair and then wash unless unrepairable or told otherwise by the customer.
Why should I wash my PVC?
PVC covers washed and dried properly will last longer and reduce the cost per use of the product: something we believe everyone is trying to achieve.

Is your PVC in need of a wash? Get in touch with our sales team: 02380 335 744

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