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2023 Winter Newsletter


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Winter Newsletter

Here's a look back at some highlights and projects we have been involved with
 over the Winter period. 

Winter highlights

Christmas Market Marquee 9m x 24m Clear Plain PVC Marquee

Christmas Market Marquee 1  9m Internal Clear PVC

Pre-Christmas markets and restaurants alike made use of marquees to keep their customers warm and dry. A clear PVC roof allows the sun to play a role on those rare occasions when it appears to be beneficial for this. We have a good stocks of standard PVC items on our shelves and will also be producing stock throughout the year as we move into our expanded manufacturing facility. 

Something a little different

Squares and Circle PVC Wall 

Trying to find something a bit different for a special event or a permanent venue? This is a PVC wall system we designed as a one off for Tim Hatfield recently with clear portholes and squares. By offering something unconventional, you will be able to stand out from the crowd. 

2023, The year ahead

Pipe center internal - PVC Prod  PVC Loaded Truck

We have started 2023 on a steady note with strong orders, and production filling up. Thanks to our 40m welding bed, our second production facility can focus on big kit while our main production floor and new factory space (see below) handles standard marquee orders as well as one offs. 

Benefits of Low Wick PVC

Why pay extra for marquee covers manufactured using cloth made from a low-wick yarn?

Lowick Material

*This picture shows water ingress into PVC using an ink test: low-wick on the bottom, no wick above*

We get asked this a lot and explain here why we believe this is the right answer for our marquee customers. It’s true low-wick cloth made with low-wick yarn is more expensive but if you focus on cost per use it ends up in our opinion significantly better value. More use less cost per use. To read full article click here

Custom Covers Condensation Barrier

 Condensation Barrier  Spring Newsletter - Insulated

During winter with temperatures dropping, condensation is a constant concern for marquee hirers . We have the solution to this problem in the form of our condensation barrier system. When installed on the lower track of your marquee, barriers create a second PVC layer to allow an air gap, thereby significantly reducing condensation. To find out more about how this works click here

PVC Factory / Barn Space Divide

James Beaty Before  James Beaty After

We are always seeking opportunities to expand and enhance our product range. Recently we designed a mechanically lifted divide that is suitable for barns, factories or large spaces where partitions are needed. When used, as here in an open space, it reduces weather and heat loss. In addition, it can separate a room with the flexibility of raising the curtain when and where needed.  

Custom Covers New Building

New Factory - Maynards

In the last couple of months, we have been working hard to prepare our new building for the upcoming year. It will serve as a third manufacturing space for the manufacture of PVC marquee stock throughout the year. The purchase and commission of this building helps us achieve our goal to reduce lead times during those extremely busy months. We have invested in two new welders and welding beds to help ensure we have more stock being manufactured throughout the year.

Hire Information

Don't forget we still have a good selection of Ex-Hire stock you can purchase at a discounted rate; if this is something that you are interested in please click the link below or call us on 02380 335744. 

Shop Sale Now - Image

In case you missed the other news regarding hire we have also released our 2023 hire price list which we will be more then happy to send you a copy off; just click here to request yours. 

2023 Price List Image



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